About Me (Beginnings)

jon ktan
Just wanted to get this out there.  My whole life I refused to hold a baby, they fricken scared me!  For good reason!
1.  I’m not dropping the thing!  (Yes I called it a thing).
2.  They’re creepy!  Have you ever seen images of little baby faces haunting you at night?  No? Well I have!
(Not really, but you gotta admit that’s creepy!).
3.  It’s not mine, it smells, and it can’t hold a conversation. (Yes they are now referred to as “its”).
4.  Poop. Yeah, not changing a diaper and don’t ask me to. (My own butt is enough butt swiping for the day)
5.  That has to be enough excuses right? (Wrong)
Thanks to my wife’s amazing insurance with her job.  We had no choice but to make me the primary stay at home parent.  Uhhhh.. Yeah… And twins… Double screwed… Luckily, with my amazing level of immaturity and sarcasm, (has nothing to do with parenting), I knew I would be the perfect fit.  Here’s to the start of an amazing #dadventure. Follow along and see some incredible parenting tips of what not to do, and of course what to do!  (Follow advice at your own risk). Here’s to years of nothing but #winning & #twinning.  Follow and be amazed, amused, and twinfused. #thedadmom #dadventures
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