Episode 1 “Super Dad Awakens”


episode 1

I swear, last thing I remember is waking up to 2 babies, 2 full diapers, 10 dirty wipes, “spit up” stains, a drained bank account and a pounding headache!  Either I was drugged… or my wife drug me into this…. a spiraling whirlwind of what the heck am I doing and where is my old life?  Not only that, I was told I had to share my wife’s boobs. (what???)  Well, I had a choice.  Embrace it and face the facts or embrace it and face the facts.   So there I was, standing on the edge of the tallest building in Toledo… (Ok, maybe I just grabbed my kitchen stool)  and I put on my super dad cape (my wife’s apron, backwards of course) and I stared #dadversity in the face.  I decided I am now a stay at home dad by day, super dad by night.  Cleaning up the dirty streets (by streets, I mean nasty disgusting diaper loads of baby bombs and blow outs) and taming the wild villians (crying, screaming babies) that steal the night away.  I may be tired by day, but I must keep the streets of #dadville safe at night.  I realized for some reason that I love these little villians with all my heart.  Must be what keeps me going.

I was always told to love the job and to give it 110%.

Here’s to staring #dadversity in the face and to the new #dadventures at hand.

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  1. I found you via instagram & I can’t wait to read & follow your blog! I’m a homeschooling sahm of four. Being willing to do what your doing is awesome – keep up the amazing job!!

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