Episode 3 “The Plot Thickens”

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??? The days went on and I started to question everything. I kept having flashbacks. Multiple strange rooms, test tubes, rubber gloves, needles… What do these flashbacks mean and where does this strange ooze come into the story? Then it hit me like a kick in the danglies. ??? I’d heard rumors of a man by the name of Doc S.  He had been notorious in this city for creating villains and is known all over the world for his procedures.  It had to be Doc S behind all of this. I was definitely drugged (ok, drug into this). I came to the conclusion that Doc S and Alactate were in on it. I figured the best way to get information from a woman is go start an argument with her and tell her it’s all her fault. So I jumped into the room and told Alactate, “You did this to me”.  To my surprise, she just started to ramble on and on again, rather than argue; I don’t know which one is worse. This time I actually listened for as long as my attention span would allow (I’m sure I’ve gained the maturity of a 10-year old boy by now.  Believe me, it’s improved).  She went on to tell me that she teamed up with the infamous Doc S and used my DNA – that strange ooze – in a lab along with her harvested eggs to create little frozen villainous embryos. They would later be implanted and attached to her uterus wall… (huhh??…) This means she made the villains and extracted my man juice in the process???!! ??? I composed myself and she went on. She never knew it would spawn multiple villains that would terrorize the twin cities. She explained it was 7 years of crying month in and month out, ??? and that other future Super Moms out there may be going through what she went through. But there is hope and there are multiple options. Team up with Doc S and allow him to come up with his own crazy diabolical plan… ??? So there it is. I can’t be crazy all the time. So I’ll leave this episode at this. If you are going through hell trying to create your own villains, there is hope and there are options. First step is going to see the nearest Doc in your city. Get ready to be drugged husbands! Well, drug into your own crazy, awesome #Dadventure.

Here’s to all you SuperMoms, SuperDads, and FUTURE  SuperMoms & SuperDads!

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