Our Sassy Locks Dadventure

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The Dad Mom’s Visit to Sassy Locks

I met Sassy Locks through Instagram just a few months back when I started this blog. We partnered up almost right away for a giveaway, with the mermaid outfits, and it was all over from there (in a good way). We decided to do a photo shoot for some upcoming designs and planned a trip to Chicago.   Amy and I packed up the girls and met up with her family at Buffalo Wild Wings. We all hit it off right away. I can’t wait for our next photo shoot and the girls now have an Aunt Sassy. We have some new nieces as well!   Keep an eye out on all of our media outlets, as we’ll be posting pics of the girls and some adorable new outfits. Here’s to a lifelong friendship with Sassy Locks and her family!  Keep reading to find out the back-story of Sassy Locks and how it all started.

Pictures from the trip below 🙂

Aunt Sassy & Amy hit it off right away!
Aunt Sassy & Amy hit it off right away!
Aunt Sassy holding the girls for the first time.
Aunt Sassy holding the girls for the first time.
Gracie posing for her first SassyLocks photo shoot
Gracie posing for her first SassyLocks photo shoot
Sophia posing for her first SassyLocks photo shoot
Sophia’s finalized picture from SassyLocks
"Uncle Awesome" aka TheDadMom hanging out with his new nieces
“Uncle Awesome” aka TheDadMom hanging out with his new nieces

The Sassy Locks Story

Sassy Locks was born with her 4 lb. bald baby girl. In the need to dress her, she found herself lost searching for clothes to fit her little girl. Her efforts turned into designing baby outfits. “As a bald baby we needed to let the world know she was a girl. I made her beautiful large bows/headbands to match each outfit. The name Sassy Locks was born, as I was making her “lack of locks” Sassy.” -Cindy (owner and creator of Sassy Locks)

These outfits were an instant hit. Since her daughters name is spelled in a nontraditional way, she purchased an embroidery machine to personalize these outfits. She never used an embroidery machine. However, she was determined to master this art and personalize her outfits. These outfits became so popular that other moms asked to purchase them.

As her family grew with another baby girl, so did Sassy Locks. She started making them both coordinating outfits. Again, these outfits were a big hit. Orders became harder to keep track of, so she created a website to keep up. And she didn’t forget our little men! She began making outfits that she would have wanted her sons to have.

Today, Sassy Locks has grown into full line of custom designed and personalized outfits and accessories for boys and girls sizes ranging from preemie to 5 T.

The Sassy Locks Mission

Our mission at Sassy Locks is to enhance family’s memories and special moments via our custom designed and personalized outfits. As families share these moments, we will strive to offer unique custom outfits that are sure to evoke emotion and enhance those beautiful memories.

Make sure to stop by SassyLocks.com and use code “thedadmom” for a 10% discount on her already affordably priced outfits!

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