Spring Is Here, JORD GIVEAWAY!

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 Tell you what! I absolutely love my JORD watch. I was so impressed that I purchased my wife one within a few days of getting mine. I also teamed up with JORD for a giveaway. This gives everyone I know a chance to use a gift code towards one themselves. You are guaranteed a $25 gift code by entering, but you may be the lucky winner of $100! All you need to do is enter your name & email on this link. GIVEAWAY CLICK HERE ends 4/2/17.

I’ll go into 3 reasons why I love my JORD watch.

The quality of the watch starts with the box the watch comes in. You go to unbox your watch, and wow! The all wood case they give you for the watch is amazing. Props to JORD for their attention to detail, even their boxes are sweet. They even have a little slot at the bottom for humidity control.

The watch is stunning. I’ve only wore it out a few times and I’ve already been asked where I got the watch and what kind it is. The pictures speak for themselves. You can look at the detail of every part. The bezel and watch face are what really stand out to me.

Every JORD watch is hand-crafted and a lot of thought goes into their designs. They are nothing short of a luxury wood watch. I won’t brag about something that I personally don’t like. I definitely love JORD watches and I am a fan for life. Two thumbs up from The Dad Mom!

Wooden Wrist Watch

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