Holy Sh*t… I’m Having Twins!

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Hello, my name is Amy and I’m The DadMom’s wife and mom to our little twincesses. <3  I was given the opportunity to read and review a book by Elizabeth Lyons, titled, “Holy Sh*t… I’m Having Twins! The Definitive Guide to Remaining Calm When You’re Twice as Freaked Out.” 

Of course it’s difficult to find time to read amidst two babies, working full-time, and balancing everything else in life (don’t even get me started on sick kids!) But I have to say, once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down! I found myself laughing, crying, nodding my head, and sighing at all the things I could relate to.  Elizabeth has done an excellent job of relaying the reality of what twin life is really like, while giving down-to-earth, real-life solutions. There are a ton of neat tricks and tips for surviving the first year with multiples.

I have so many paragraphs highlighted and pages dog-eared, but one excerpt that I especially love is this:

“Every time I look at a picture from that time of our lives, I smile. The sleepless nights have long since faded away, and I know in my soul how deeply my kids are worth every single painful morning.” …”Go forth. Soak it all up. Take ten deep breaths between each chapter and before each day commences. Trust yourself. Expect the unexpected. Choose happiness. Because holy shi*t; you’re having twins. And I promise, you’ve got this.”

I wish I had known this book existed a year ago! But even now, with Gracie and Sophia almost 11 months old, I still read many things that I can use going forward.  She breaks down everything, from choosing the necessary baby gear, to advice to keep your marriage or partnership strong when life is insane.  It was also nice to have someone truly understand the struggle of raising multiples, and helped me to feel like I’m not alone in it.

If you’re reading this and you’re expecting twins (or God love you, triplets and beyond), YOU NEED THIS BOOK. If you’ve recently had multiples, and you’re still in the dark days when you don’t think you’ll ever sleep again, YOU NEED THIS BOOK. Seriously, keep it on your end table and read the chapters that apply to the stages your kids are going through at that time. I promise it will help to lift your spirits, give you some helpful advice and ideas, and will definitely give you something to laugh about as you change yet another diaper and feed another hungry baby.

I even encourage parents of singletons to read this book  Granted, not everything will apply, but let’s face it: Whether you have one kid or ten, parenting is one of the hardest jobs you will ever do. Why not get some helpful advice to make that first year a little less stressful? Many pages can relate to all parents, including dads too!

Elizabeth was so generous to not only give me the opportunity to enjoy her book, but she also gave The DadMom a couple extra copies to give away! Check out The DadMom on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter next week for info on how to enter to win!

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Spring Is Here, JORD GIVEAWAY!

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 Tell you what! I absolutely love my JORD watch. I was so impressed that I purchased my wife one within a few days of getting mine. I also teamed up with JORD for a giveaway. This gives everyone I know a chance to use a gift code towards one themselves. You are guaranteed a $25 gift code by entering, but you may be the lucky winner of $100! All you need to do is enter your name & email on this link. GIVEAWAY CLICK HERE ends 4/2/17.

I’ll go into 3 reasons why I love my JORD watch.

The quality of the watch starts with the box the watch comes in. You go to unbox your watch, and wow! The all wood case they give you for the watch is amazing. Props to JORD for their attention to detail, even their boxes are sweet. They even have a little slot at the bottom for humidity control.

The watch is stunning. I’ve only wore it out a few times and I’ve already been asked where I got the watch and what kind it is. The pictures speak for themselves. You can look at the detail of every part. The bezel and watch face are what really stand out to me.

Every JORD watch is hand-crafted and a lot of thought goes into their designs. They are nothing short of a luxury wood watch. I won’t brag about something that I personally don’t like. I definitely love JORD watches and I am a fan for life. Two thumbs up from The Dad Mom!

Wooden Wrist Watch

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BrimSuits, check these out!

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Children are the most precious things in the lives of any parent; thus, no parent wants to expose their children to unnecessary dangers. Yet one danger is so common that it lurks unnoticed in the daily lives of kiddos: the sun. In fact, ninety percent of skin damage and skin cancer is attributed to sunlight exposure.(1) Common solutions include sunscreen and hats, but sunscreen is messy, and hats constantly fall off. This is where the patent-pending brimsuits fills its niche. The brimsuit is stylish, kid-friendly, and most importantly, protective. With the brimsuit children can get their recommended sixty minutes per day of outdoor play without exposing their developing cells to dangerous ultraviolet (UV) damage. The brimsuit itself works by pairing protective fabric with innovative design. The product is formed from a single piece of fabric that makes up both a shirt and a hood. This design choice keeps the hood attached at all times. As a side benefit, the troubles of pairing a matching hat and shirt are gone as every Brimsuit hood-shirt combo is designed stylishly. Additionally, the hood comes with a drawstring to accommodate any head size, ensuring the fit is always snug, but never restrictive. As for the fabric, the material comes in either a waterproof brimsuit or an athletic brimshirt material. Both of these styles are 50+ UPF fabrics, keeping dangerous rays away from the sensitive skin of little adventurers. A project as innovative as this one requires a not insignificant amount of capital to distribute. To remedy this issue, Dominique Parrish, the woman behind brimsuits, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. There are less than two weeks left to fund the campaign and bring this innovation into reality. Thankfully, the campaign has received recognition from backerclub.co and even Kickstarter itself as a hand-selected “project we love”. Donors will be rewarded with anything from a set of koozies from the “No Kids Yet” package to a first edition Brimsuit. With the help of readers, the brimsuit will save thousands of children from avoidable skin damage. About brimsuits brimsuits was conceived by Dominique Parrish, the happily married mother of a precious eighteen-month-old named Evelyn. Like many mothers, she wanted to keep her daughter safe from the sun, but Evelyn hates hats. To solve the problem, she put her North Carolina State education to the test and drew up a sketch of the first brimsuit prototype. With the help of a NC State professor, she has been able to start production of brimsuits and is excited to distribute them around the word. To learn more or support Brimsuit visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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Episode 4 “The Cryme Ring”

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To start off, I want to let you all know that there is no super hero manual. I stepped into my new role and took a freight train of terror straight to the chest. Dropping me to my knees while gasping for breath and being ran over for at least 2 hours, slowly grinding me into a pile of a messed up, mind-mangled, sleep-deprived parent. There are no trade-ins and no refunds.  I probably will have a never-ending bill from the hospital. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. I realize I will probably be wrong most of the time and the rules will change a hundred different ways each day (Nothing different than having a wife untitled). So what would do you do? Sleeping is out of the question and there’s no room for magical fairy juice to drink and make everything better. I’ve heard it and now I believe it.  There’s a little thing they like to call “survival mode” here in the twin cities.

I’m going back to the first week, when the villains hit the streets of #dadville (came home from the NICU, same difference. Little twin terrors, I mean twincesses!) I found out about my new identity and apparently my wife’s new identity as well. We knocked out Starvation Scream with the amazing milk cannons. And by we, I mean my wife did all the work and I took half the credit. What a site to see!  As you can tell, I like things in pairs. Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji (Twitter Version)Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji (Twitter Version)Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji (Twitter Version)  We celebrated our win but didn’t realize there would be multiple villains in the streets. Waiting for us, mostly at night, staring us down and like I said before, there is no manual to this insanity of street cleaning upping.  Ok, just keep reading at this point…

It was dark (I mean nights are always dark, for the most part) but this was darker than normal for a normal dark night. Probably because we were working under cover(s).  Alactate and myself decided to keep watch as we always do when we are working it.  Trying to be quiet as to not to wake up any sleeping villians. We were flirt fighting our way down 3rd base street and we heard a noise outside the door (I meant we were on 3rd street, there aren’t any doors there). We decided to ignore the noise and got back to conducting business (and by conducting business, let’s just say I had my business socks half off and I was making deals). The noise kept getting louder, and no, it wasn’t Alactate. We decided we had to take action, just not in the action I was expecting.  It was the leader of the Cryme Ring family that decided to pay us a visit.  We were still under cover(s) and I could barely see past Alactate’s milk cannons.  We made out a dark shapeless face. It went on to say, “Listen hear Mother Fathers, I own the cryme ring in this city and I will own all you Mother Fathers, like I always have. Just because you took out Starvation Scream, doesn’t mean you can take out my entire Cryme family.” A second later it vanished into thin air.  We were questioning our sanity, as our sleep deprivation from cleaning the streets the nights before had kept us from performing very well. (by performing well…) It was a few minutes..  Ok, a few seconds… and we were off on home stretch.  “This was a decent finish”, we thought to ourselves, “How bad could this cryme ring be?”  If we only knew…  Until next time.


Our Sassy Locks Dadventure

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The Dad Mom’s Visit to Sassy Locks

I met Sassy Locks through Instagram just a few months back when I started this blog. We partnered up almost right away for a giveaway, with the mermaid outfits, and it was all over from there (in a good way). We decided to do a photo shoot for some upcoming designs and planned a trip to Chicago.   Amy and I packed up the girls and met up with her family at Buffalo Wild Wings. We all hit it off right away. I can’t wait for our next photo shoot and the girls now have an Aunt Sassy. We have some new nieces as well!   Keep an eye out on all of our media outlets, as we’ll be posting pics of the girls and some adorable new outfits. Here’s to a lifelong friendship with Sassy Locks and her family!  Keep reading to find out the back-story of Sassy Locks and how it all started.

Pictures from the trip below 🙂

Aunt Sassy & Amy hit it off right away!
Aunt Sassy & Amy hit it off right away!
Aunt Sassy holding the girls for the first time.
Aunt Sassy holding the girls for the first time.
Gracie posing for her first SassyLocks photo shoot
Gracie posing for her first SassyLocks photo shoot
Sophia posing for her first SassyLocks photo shoot
Sophia’s finalized picture from SassyLocks
"Uncle Awesome" aka TheDadMom hanging out with his new nieces
“Uncle Awesome” aka TheDadMom hanging out with his new nieces

The Sassy Locks Story

Sassy Locks was born with her 4 lb. bald baby girl. In the need to dress her, she found herself lost searching for clothes to fit her little girl. Her efforts turned into designing baby outfits. “As a bald baby we needed to let the world know she was a girl. I made her beautiful large bows/headbands to match each outfit. The name Sassy Locks was born, as I was making her “lack of locks” Sassy.” -Cindy (owner and creator of Sassy Locks)

These outfits were an instant hit. Since her daughters name is spelled in a nontraditional way, she purchased an embroidery machine to personalize these outfits. She never used an embroidery machine. However, she was determined to master this art and personalize her outfits. These outfits became so popular that other moms asked to purchase them.

As her family grew with another baby girl, so did Sassy Locks. She started making them both coordinating outfits. Again, these outfits were a big hit. Orders became harder to keep track of, so she created a website to keep up. And she didn’t forget our little men! She began making outfits that she would have wanted her sons to have.

Today, Sassy Locks has grown into full line of custom designed and personalized outfits and accessories for boys and girls sizes ranging from preemie to 5 T.

The Sassy Locks Mission

Our mission at Sassy Locks is to enhance family’s memories and special moments via our custom designed and personalized outfits. As families share these moments, we will strive to offer unique custom outfits that are sure to evoke emotion and enhance those beautiful memories.

Make sure to stop by SassyLocks.com and use code “thedadmom” for a 10% discount on her already affordably priced outfits!

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Episode 3 “The Plot Thickens”

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??? The days went on and I started to question everything. I kept having flashbacks. Multiple strange rooms, test tubes, rubber gloves, needles… What do these flashbacks mean and where does this strange ooze come into the story? Then it hit me like a kick in the danglies. ??? I’d heard rumors of a man by the name of Doc S.  He had been notorious in this city for creating villains and is known all over the world for his procedures.  It had to be Doc S behind all of this. I was definitely drugged (ok, drug into this). I came to the conclusion that Doc S and Alactate were in on it. I figured the best way to get information from a woman is go start an argument with her and tell her it’s all her fault. So I jumped into the room and told Alactate, “You did this to me”.  To my surprise, she just started to ramble on and on again, rather than argue; I don’t know which one is worse. This time I actually listened for as long as my attention span would allow (I’m sure I’ve gained the maturity of a 10-year old boy by now.  Believe me, it’s improved).  She went on to tell me that she teamed up with the infamous Doc S and used my DNA – that strange ooze – in a lab along with her harvested eggs to create little frozen villainous embryos. They would later be implanted and attached to her uterus wall… (huhh??…) This means she made the villains and extracted my man juice in the process???!! ??? I composed myself and she went on. She never knew it would spawn multiple villains that would terrorize the twin cities. She explained it was 7 years of crying month in and month out, ??? and that other future Super Moms out there may be going through what she went through. But there is hope and there are multiple options. Team up with Doc S and allow him to come up with his own crazy diabolical plan… ??? So there it is. I can’t be crazy all the time. So I’ll leave this episode at this. If you are going through hell trying to create your own villains, there is hope and there are options. First step is going to see the nearest Doc in your city. Get ready to be drugged husbands! Well, drug into your own crazy, awesome #Dadventure.

Here’s to all you SuperMoms, SuperDads, and FUTURE  SuperMoms & SuperDads!

Episode 2.5 “Rise of Alactate”

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(This is the continued rambling of a delusional “Super Dad”)… I let my wife know the situation is not safe.  Starvation Scream was overpowering me.  I muttered, “I’m the strongest of super heroes in this twin city and I know I can go back and face this head on!”, even as bruised and emotionally scarred that I was.  She assured me she had this under control and there was no need for me to be defeated again.  She had me take a few deep breaths as she unveiled her real identity and her plan.  Her new name was Alactate.  She wasn’t always a super hero, but a strange ooze she came in contact with one day made her this way.  Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji (Twitter Version)Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji (Twitter Version)Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji (Twitter Version)  Anyways, she went on to say that after months of strange food cravings, stretching pains, mood swings (holy crap there were a ton of those), and total annihilation of the va… (I won’t go there for the sake of not being killed by Alactate).. she gave birth to her new identity.  She continued to describe her story in prolonged detail (or at least it seemed that long… She probably was nagging me, blaming me, etc etc.. I don’t really know since I tuned her out about 2 minutes into it).  However, these few words stuck out to me like a pair of hoohas directly in the face.  She explained, “There are more to my jug cannons than meets the eye.  These weapons will surely defeat Starvation Scream.” (Wait.. what???!!)  After I froze from the initial shock of it all, she continued her story.   All I remember from that point was: what once were mine would now be ripped from my hands. I let her know I did marry her for her amazing cannons, but I never knew they served a purpose other than my own.  I came to grips with all of this (and by came to grips… you know). I decided to be a man about it and let them go for now.  Was I about to allow Starvation Scream to take over the city all day and all night?  Besides, even the greatest of superheroes have sidekicks, right? And mine happens to have the finest pair of milk launchers in town! (Evil laugh.. wait, I’m the good guy.. Happy evil laugh.. totally better untitleduntitleduntitled)  I thought to myself, “This is the perfect scenario.”  Before I could say another word, she gripped her blouse with both hands and ripped it in half like superwoman on steroids.  It had to be the most amazing, yet terrifying, thing I saw all night. All these years they were mine but now they were launching milk like an extended firehouse putting out the flames of Starvation Scream’s fiery blaze. (They used to fuel the fire of our love furnace. This should be bringing you to tears now, even superheroes get emotional..) So, that’s that. I was defeated earlier in the night, but found out my wife was Alactate: the milk-launching super mom that was created by that strange ooze she came in contact with.  Starvation Scream got what it deserved and will continue to get a mouth full of milk and a belly full of love. (Because it stole all the love that belonged to me.) Of course, I’m not I’m upset, why would I be? 

I’m done, for now… (Stay Tuned)

Episode 3 is called “The Plot Thickens”. There may be more to this Alactate after all…

28 Safe “Baby Handling” Tips



28 Safe “Baby Handling” Tips

























































I hope you got as good of a laugh as I did!

I wish I made these, but I unfortunately didn’t!  I researched everywhere to try and figure out who should get credit for these.  I believe they are from a book called ‘Safe Baby Handling Tips‘.

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Ham & Cheese Sliders

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Want something perfect to throw together for a quick party dish or a quick meal?  These Ham & Cheese Sliders are easy to put together, with 10 min prep time, and they are fricken’ amazing!  They’re great for left overs as well.

Here’s the recipe!


Here’s what they look like when they’re done.  Little sandwiches with love and deliciousness in every bite.


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Episode 2 “Starvation Scream”

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It was a dark night in Dadville.  I had to keep watch; I knew there would be trouble lurking in the dirty streets.  I smelled it in the air.  This was the night that I would never forget. The night I discovered my super powers. This dude – as in me – was delusional. It may have been the drugs that the wife slipped me in episode 1. This was the first and the worst night actually.  My super powers (or lack thereof) were no match for this next villian.  It’s an embarrassment when you’re a superhero (like I said, delusional) and you lose to your first adversary (self-named superhero=super zero).  But the story must be told and so it begins.  Again…
It started as a screech in the distance.  Tickling the ear drums like nails on a chalk board.  The noise continued and got louder and closer.  What was once a screech was now the sound of a thousand coyotes stuck in a trash compactor.  Not just stuck, but turned on, crushing their bones and stealing their souls, as they were howling for their lives.  Then I faced it head on: Starvation Scream (screams of death and torture).  It was staring me in the face, and no it was not a dream.  I knew, at this point, I had the situation under control. I had what it would take to defeat this villain (And by had, I was about to be exactly that). I froze. I thought, “What the heck am I doing here and what super powers do I have?” I summoned the courage to boldy mumble (almost whimper), “bring it on baby! I can handle you.  You don’t scare me…” Five minutes later, I was cowering in a corner. I was now crying, and I needed to get out before this villian killed me (ok, killed my ear drums).  My next steps where obvious. I could already feel the blood dripping down my ears (ok, it wasn’t that bad, but close enough!).  It hit me – not the villain, but an idea.  The one thing I packed was my moobs (man boobs). (Don’t take everything you read so seriously. #Seriously. ?)   I remembered this lesson from a long time ago. (I think I heard it on a movie). I would pull out the Man Pepperonis and throw them in Starvation Scream’s face. This could be the super power I was waiting for.  All too soon I was defeated, once again. Tired, beat up, and my Man Pepperonis were bruised and sucker punched.  You can’t just milk anything that has nipples, I was wrong.  Thanking myself for ruining my Pepperonis and my life, I came to one conclusion: defeat.  I did what every good superhero would do; I scurried out from the corner and ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction.  Just then I ran into the woman of my dreams (my wife). I had known her for years (and by known her, you know what I mean.. bow chicka bow wow)  I knew she’d have an answer. This was fate.  She could possibly be the one to save the night and the whole city from Starvation Scream.
To be continued…
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